HackGT 5

Dare to Venture

October 19th - 21st

Thank you for adventuring with us!

The Event

Looking to inspire and challenge our attendees, HackGT’s 5th annual 36-hour hackathon will help students develop their skills, explore new technologies, and turn their curiosities into opportunities. Participants are invited to discover friendly campgrounds, lush landscapes, and a spirit of adventure — inspired by the diverse beauty of America's National Parks from Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon to the Olympic Peninsula and Denali.


This year, HackGT will be offering four educational paths to supplement participants’ hackathon experience! Each path will include: Workshops hosted by HackGT, Fireside Chats by event sponsors, and a campsite.

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Mobile Development


Artificial Intelligence

Web Development

Mobile Development

With over 3 billion devices worldwide, mobile phones have become prime real estate for developers. Build Android and iOS apps with our beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workshops!

In collaboration with iOS Club and GIT MAD

Mobile Development Illustration


Come learn about how to protect and preserve in the realms of network and data threat detection, identity and access management, infosec, and more.

Also check out the HackGT CTF - compete for prizes and fame!

In collaboration with Greyhat and GTRI

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Artificial Intelligence

From smart voice assistants to autonomous vehicles, AI is changing our daily lives. Dive deep into topics like computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing!

In collaboration with The Agency

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Web Development

Look how amazing this website is! Learn the ins and outs of web applications, from building aesthetic frontends to scalable backends.

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5:30 PM Check-in Begins
6:30 PM Opening Ceremonies
7:30 PM Sponsor Expo
8:00 PM Dinner - Pita Pit
8:30 PM Team Formation
9:00 PM Hacking Begins
12:00 AM Midnight Snack - King of Pops
1:00 AM Make Your Own Trail Mix
7:00 AM Breakfast - Bagel Boys
12:00 PM Lunch - GC BBQ
12:00 PM PrideGT
2:00 PM Tent Building Competition
3:00 PM Lunch (again!) - Lee’s Bakery
3:00 PM Green Gallery
5:00 PM Sleeping Bag Race
6:00 PM Dinner - Zyka
9:00 PM Dinner (again!) - Papi’s
10:30 PM UX/Design Review Booth
11:00 PM HackGT After Dark
12:00 AM Midnight Snack - Tiff's Treats
12:00 AM Campfire Sing Along! (Karaoke)
1:00 AM S’more Station
7:00 AM Breakfast - Homegrown and Sublime
9:00 AM Hacking Ends
12:00 PM Lunch - Moe’s
1:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
2:00 PM Buses Leave


Where is HackGT 5?

The event will be taking place on Georgia Tech campus in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, charger, headphones, and anything else you need. We'll supply hardware, meals, and snacks.

Who is eligible?

Any student over the age of 18 enrolled in a college or university is allowed to participate. Teams can be up to four members - you can register with your team when you apply, any time after you’re accepted, or create a team at the event! Anyone can mentor or volunteer.

If you are younger than 18, but a Georgia Tech student, you can still participate.

Can I use past projects?

True to the spirit of hackathons, you may not submit your past projects to HackGT.

Are there any costs?

Food, swag, mentors, etc. everything is free thanks to our sponsors! Travel reimbursement is available - just complete the travel reimbursement application.

Do I need any experience to apply?

No! Experience is not required. Hackathons are open environments for everyone. Check out our submissions from last year, including a multi-language transcompiler, a hackathon team finder, and a video frame finder

If you’re a GT student, make sure to like our Facebook page for updates on HackGTeeny, our workshop-filled beginner's hackathon exclusive for Georgia Tech students.

What are Campsites?

Think office hours - regroup, refocus, re-engage! Throughout the event, each path will have the opportunity to come together, meet face to face, and receive specialized help from our mentors.

More questions? Ask away! Email us at [email protected]!


Dare to venture into the opportunity of a lifetime!

Travel Reimbursement Applications

Deadline: August 19th, 2018

Decisions released: August 21st, 2018

Non-Travel Reimbursement Applications

Deadline: September 30th, 2018

Decisions released: October 5th, 2018

Letter from our team

HackGT Graphic

Dear Hacker,

As a major player in the field of computer science outreach, HackGT throws events to show the world the beauty of STEAM. Through large-scale collegiate hackathons and smaller, individualized workshops, our organization aims to spread the spirit of innovation and creativity within computer science education. We’ve created HackGT: Dare to Venture to be an experience like no other - down to the smallest of embers. We want every participant to have fun, engage with new ideas, and create lasting, positive memories. With friends at your side, resources at every corner, and support around every turn, HackGT will empower you to unleash your inner trailblazer. We are incredibly excited to see the jaw-dropping projects and innovations that you have in store!

On October 19th, come out and join us around the bonfire for one of our greatest adventures yet!

With ♥, the HackGT Team